Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Google Classroom Basics

This is a tutorial video on the basics for teachers new to Google Classroom. How to post assignments, create classes and use it in association with your Google Drive. 

Edmodo Basics

This is a tutorial video on the basics for teachers new to Edmodo. How to post quizzes, assignments, create classes, add to folders, organize your Edmodo page.


This tutorial video will demonstrate the use of Educreations Web App and iPad App. Educreations can be used as a great tool of formative assessment. Student work can easily be made public. The Educreations app allows teachers to assess and collect real-time data that will facilitate immediate changes to instruction. QR Codes then can be created to deliver this feedback to the student.

The Flipped Classroom

The following video has been created by Edutopia and gives a short intro to the pedagogy and tools needed for a flipped classroom.

Google Drive Annotations

This video will assist teachers with annotating on student's work within Google Drive.

Keeping your Drive Organised

This short video will help teachers keep their Google Drive organised.

Making Google Doc's Pretty

The following video is created by Mr Collin's about making Google Documents look more appealing.

Screen Casting

This is a short tutorial created by Mr Burns on Screen Casting.


The following instructional video explains how to create and embed Blendspaces into a class blog.

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